How to Renew Your US Passport Online



online passport renewal for the US is expected to completely roll out in 2023. If you can submit a digital application before the end of 2022, you may be eligible for passport renewal if you meet certain requirements. The photo must be a JPEG file with a minimum size of 600 x 600 pixels. No filters or alterations are permitted for the photo. The passport renewal process will start in May. However, if you want to update your name or gender, you will need to apply in person.


米国向けのオンラインパスポートの更新は、2023年に完全に展開されると予想されています。2022年末までにデジタルアプリケーションを提出できれば、特定の要件を満たしている場合はパスポートの更新の対象となります。写真は、最小サイズの600 x 600ピクセルのJPEGファイルでなければなりません。写真のフィルターや変更は許可されていません。パスポートの更新プロセスは5月に開始されます。ただし、名前や性別を更新する場合は、直接申請する必要があります。


Reece Rogers Online passport renewal for the US is expected to completely roll out in 2023. If you can jump through a few hoops, meet a narrow set of criteria, and snag one of the limited slots offered during the government’s test run, you may be able to submit a digital application for passport renewal before the end of 2022.

Reece Rogers Online Passport Renewial for Usは2023年に完全に展開されると予想されます。いくつかのフープを飛び越えて、狭い基準を満たし、政府のテストラン中に提供される限られたスロットの1つを手に入れることができれば、2022年末までにパスポート更新のデジタルアプリケーションを提出できます。

Did you lose your old passport? Want to update your name or gender? Need to receive it soon? You’ll still need to find a location near you and apply in person.


Here are a few tips for navigating the digital renewal process if you have questions about eligibility, submission steps, cost, or delivery speed. Are you curious about how to take an updated photo for the passport? We’ve got your back on that as well.


You are not eligible for this renewal process and will likely need to apply in person if: You may be eligible for an online passport renewal if: Refer to the US Department of State’s website for a complete list of requirements. Anyone who is eligible for online renewal is also likely to be eligible for renewal by mail.


An updated photo is required for online renewal. Luckily, you can have someone snap your portrait with a smartphone. No one nearby to help? Try using the timer function on your phone.


Featured Video How Do Laser Beams Engrave Things? (slow motion) The photo needs to be clear, in color, and feature your face in the middle of the frame against a white background. No hats, glasses, or smiles! Have a blank expression without shadows covering your face and stare directly at the camera. Even if you’re having a bad acne day, no filters or photo alterations are permitted. The photo must be a JPEG file with a minimum size of 600 x 600 pixels. Only photos that fully adhere to the guidelines are accepted.

特集ビデオレーザービームはどのように物事を刻みますか?(スローモーション)写真は明確で、色が透明である必要があり、フレームの中央に顔を白い背景に対して備えています。帽子、眼鏡、笑顔はありません!顔を覆う影のない空白の表情を持ち、カメラを直接じっと見つめてください。にきびの日が悪い場合でも、フィルターや写真の変更は許可されていません。写真は、最小サイズの600 x 600ピクセルのJPEGファイルでなければなりません。ガイドラインに完全に付着する写真のみが受け入れられます。

First, you need to sign up for a MyTravelGov account in order to renew your passport online. When you visit the government website to sign up, you will be asked to read and accept a Privacy Act statement. Input your name, email address, home address, and a unique password.


Then, open your email inbox, locate the activation email, and click on the provided hyperlink. From my experience, the hyperlink may take you to an error page. After clicking out of the error page, a second email arrived in my inbox confirming the account was created.


Boone Ashworth Matt Jancer Julian Chokkattu Eric Ravenscraft Now, go back to the MyTravelGov website, and enter your login information. On the next page, type into the box the time-sensitive, single-use code sent to your email. Then, select three security questions and provide corresponding answers to finish the initial sign-in process.

BOONE ASHWORTH MATT JANCER JULIAN CHOKKATTU ERIC RAVENSCRACTRは今、MyTravelgovのWebサイトに戻り、ログイン情報を入力してください。次のページでは、電子メールに送信された時間に敏感な単一使用コードをボックスに入力します。次に、3つのセキュリティの質問を選択し、対応する回答を提供して、初期サインインプロセスを完了します。

Now you wait. (Remember this step for later!) There is a section labeled Welcome to MyTravelGov on the homepage where you will see the option to apply for a consular report of birth abroad. This is not the form you want to fill out, but this section is where the blue Renew Passport button should appear after your account is fully registered.

今、あなたは待っています。(後でこのステップを覚えておいてください!)ホームページのmytravelgovへようこそというラベルの付いたセクションがあり、海外の領事報告書を申請するオプションが表示されます。これはあなたが記入するフォームではありませんが、このセクションは、アカウントが完全に登録された後にBlue Renew Passportボタンが表示される場所です。

The website’s FAQ estimates up to a four-hour delay between account creation and registration completion. It took about an hour and a half before the renewal option appeared for me. Try again in a couple of hours if an error message appears when you initially click on the renewal button.


After clicking Renew Passport, tap the button in the top right corner that reads Start New Application. Look through the following pages to confirm your eligibility and review the disclaimers. Before moving on to the next step, go ahead and locate the physical copy of your expired passport.


Enter the requested information from your passport. If you have a passport card in addition to your passport booklet, fill out the information from both. People who are eligible will be asked to share more information on their travel plans, select a type of passport, confirm their personal information, and upload the appropriate selfie. Depending on when you try to renew online, it’s possible that you may have to wait until more slots open up the following month.


You can save the application for later once you begin, although you are required to complete the entire submission in under a month. Need more time? Just start a new application.


The fees for online renewal are similar to what you would pay at a physical location. A passport book costs $130, and a passport card costs $30. Note that if you only have one form of passport, and you would like the other kind, then you are required to purchase both. For example, if you have an expired book and would just like to receive a card, that is not possible online. You can either purchase the book or buy both types for $160.


Now for the biggest wait of them all. The website reads: “Our processing times are a range.” From the day you apply, it could be around two weeks before the submission is active in the system. After that, the passport could arrive seven to 10 weeks later. You may be given the option to pay an extra $60 for a quicker result, which could potentially cut the wait time down a couple of weeks.


While there is a way to see the status of mail applications online, it does not currently work for digital renewals. With that in mind, you can expect four email updates to land in your inbox informing you when the application is received, in process, approved, and shipped. Make sure to double-check those spam folders.


Even though it’s not an enjoyable experience, the sooner you stop procrastinating and renew your passport the better.