Socially Diverse And Politically Conservative: Why Most Americans Move To Florida



between July 2019 and July 2020, over 252,000 people moved to Florida, marking the fifth consecutive year that the state held the top spot for net migration. The state is consistently rated as one of the freest states in the country by every major index. Additionally, it has gained over $200 billion in annual income from other states in the past two decades.




Florida has led the nation in net migration for 5 years and running.


Florida is now the third-largest state. One way we can look at policy is in the rearview mirror and doing a natural experiment to see where people move after elections. Florida has overcome New York to be the third largest state. Moreover, it’s economy is the size of Mexico‘s. We can see cities like Miami, the so-called “capital of capital” where investors have $1 trillion under management. The governor is considered a front-runner to be president in the future as is the Miami mayor Francis Suarez. I caught up with Dr. Bob McClure, President and CEO of the James Madison Institute.


So what is it about Florida as a policy leader? Florida has traditionally played an outsized role in U.S. policy for a number of years now, and recent trends will only amplify its importance in national politics. Between July 2019 and July 2020, more than 252,000 people moved to Florida, marking the fifth consecutive year that the state held the top spot for net migration. And making itself a migration hub has clearly paid off; the state has gained over $200 billion in annual income from other states in the past two decades. This growth is largely a result of Florida’s low taxes, job opportunities, and light regulatory and business-friendly government. Florida is consistently rated as one of the freest state in the country by every major index. In addition, as Florida has grown, it has become more socially diverse, and more politically conservative. As a result, the rest of the country can see Florida as a roadmap for how economically conservative policy can be successful both in prosperity and politically.

では、フロリダが政策リーダーとしてのことは何ですか?フロリダは伝統的に長年にわたって米国の政策において大きな役割を果たしてきましたが、最近の傾向は、国家政治におけるその重要性を増幅するだけです。 2019年7月から2020年7月の間に、252,000人以上がフロリダに移り、州が純移動のトップスポットを獲得した5年連続をマークしました。そして、それ自体を移行するハブを作ることは明らかに報われました。州は、過去20年間で他の州から2,000億ドル以上の年間収入を得ています。この成長は、主にフロリダの低税、雇用機会、軽い規制およびビジネスに優しい政府の結果です。フロリダは、すべての主要な指標によって、国内で最も自由な州の1つとして一貫して評価されています。さらに、フロリダが成長するにつれて、それはより社会的に多様化し、より政治的に保守的になりました。その結果、他の国はフロリダを、繁栄と政治の両方で経済的に保守的な政策がどれほど成功するかのロードマップと見なすことができます。

Discuss your view on the role of the state policy think tank. There is of course a vibrant state policy network, but is JMI somehow better or different and why? Moreover do we see Florida playing a lead role because of the shift and population in the economy?


A state policy think tank is in the business of providing policymakers with ideas to solve real challenges faced by real citizens. Our role is to be the ammunition for policy battles – providing legislators, members of the administration, and other key stakeholders with objective research that helps them formulate and enact real reforms. Our principles – a commitment to limited government, free market capitalism, and economic liberty – guide our approach to policy.

州の政策シンクタンクは、本物の市民が直面する本当の課題を解決するためのアイデアを政策立案者に提供するビジネスにあります。私たちの役割は、政策戦のための弾薬であることです – 議員、政権のメンバー、およびその他の主要な利害関係者に、実際の改革の策定と制定に役立つ客観的な研究を提供します。私たちの原則 – 限定政府、自由時価総額、経済的自由へのコミットメント – は、政策へのアプローチを導きます。

We have been called Florida’s most influential think tank in America’s most important state. What makes us different from groups in other states is that there is a light shining on Florida that magnifies our policy decisions nationally. Each and every state think tank operates in the way that best suits their demographic, legislative composition, and policy track. Florida is unique in many ways – as a result of term limits, the size of our economic footprint, and our growing conservative majority – policymakers regularly seek us out as a resource from the moment they win their first election. JMI is celebrating our 35th anniversary next year and we continue to make it a priority to be strategically omnipresent both around the state and outside of Florida – helping other states as they follow Florida’s lead.

私たちは、アメリカで最も重要な州でフロリダで最も影響力のあるシンクタンクと呼ばれています。他の州のグループと違うのは、フロリダには全国的に政策決定を拡大する光が輝いているということです。すべての州のシンクタンクは、人口統計、立法構成、および政策トラックに最適な方法で動作します。フロリダは多くの点でユニークです – 期間制限、私たちの経済的フットプリントの規模、そして保守的な過半数の成長の結果として、政策立案者は、彼らが最初の選挙に勝った瞬間からのリソースとして定期的に私たちを探しています。JMIは来年の35周年を祝っており、州内とフロリダ以外の両方で戦略的に遍在することを優先事項にし続けています。

Florida has seen more population and wealth migration than any other state in the U.S. As residents of Illinois, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and other high-tax/low-growth states flee – they come to Florida. As a result, the policy needs of the Sunshine State are different from those of Kentucky, or Michigan. Our economic footprint is massive – at more than $1 trillion in GDP, we are roughly the 15th largest economy in the world.

フロリダ州は、イリノイ州、ニューヨーク州、コネチカット州、ニュージャージー州、およびその他の高税/低成長国の住民が逃げるため、米国の他のどの州よりも多くの人口と富の移住を見てきました。その結果、サンシャイン州の政策ニーズは、ケンタッキー州またはミシガン州の政策のニーズとは異なります。私たちの経済的フットプリントは巨大です – GDPで1兆ドル以上で、私たちはほぼ世界で15番目に大きな経済です。

What’s special about technology policy in Florida? First, maybe provide your definition of technology policy. What are the key issues?


Technology policy has a nebulous definition given the vast amounts of topics that it covers and also how it interacts with other policy areas. I think a good general definition is that tech policy looks at how the government sets the rules of the road of how the public, public entities, and private entities use and interact with pieces of technology and grapple with its broader societal and economic implications. Florida has positioned itself as an innovation hub – which aligns well with conservative policy. In Miami, Mayor Francis Suarez has made it his catchphrase to ask “how can I help?” This can-do mindset is turning Miami into the Silicon Valley of the 21st Century. In addition, the central Atlantic Coast of the state is known as the “Space Coast” with good reason. Florida’s tech infrastructure is massive and growing.


Two areas of recent policy concentration in tech that JMI was able to lead on are in the regulatory space – in 2021 Florida became one of the first states to establish a regulatory sandbox for financial technology companies. Then in 2022 the state followed up that policy and established a light-touch regulatory policy for money transmission – effectively saying to cryptocurrency companies “come here.” On September 22, 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis issued his Strengthening Florida Cybersecurity Against Foreign Adversaries executive order that prohibits state agencies from procuring or using technology from nations like China, Russia, Iran, or Syria.. This is perhaps the most strict effort in the US today, even exceeding the federal government. How do you judge this executive order and its impact?

JMIがリードできた技術における最近の政策集中の2つの分野は規制スペースにあります – 2021年、フロリダは金融技術企業向けの規制サンドボックスを設立した最初の州の1つになりました。その後、2022年に州はその政策を追跡し、お金の伝達に関する光と思われる規制政策を確立しました – 暗号通貨会社に「ここに来て」効果的に言っています。2022年9月22日、ロン・デサンティス知事は、州機関が中国、ロシア、イラン、シリアなどの国からの技術を調達または使用することを禁止する外国敵の大統領令に対するフロリダのサイバーセキュリティの強化を発行しました。これはおそらく、おそらく最も厳格な取り組みです。今日、私たちは連邦政府を超えています。この大統領令とその影響をどのように判断しますか?

While the EO Governor DeSantis issued is a tremendous step in the right direction, by its nature any future Governor could rescind or reverse it. In order for the policy to have a lasting impact, the legislature would need to pass the order into law. This is a distinct possibility given republicans dominate both legislative chambers. In many ways, I think his order represents DeSantis’ deep commitment to enhancing cybersecurity in Florida. In June, for example, announced $15.6 million to expand cybersecurity training. This was on top of the $20 million his administration announced in March. For a state that ranks second in both the number of cyberattack victims and financial losses from cyberattacks, these investments are vital to protecting Floridians.


Dr. Bob McClure, President and CEO of James Madison Institute, Tallahasse, FL I analyze international technology policy through business economics. EVP, Strand… Read More I analyze international technology policy through business economics. EVP, Strand

フロリダ州タラハスのジェームズ・マディソン研究所の社長兼CEOであるボブ・マクルーア博士は、ビジネスエコノミクスを通じて国際技術政策を分析しています。EVP、Strand …続きを読む私はビジネス経済学を通じて国際技術政策を分析します。EVP、ストランド