【海外ITニュース速報】Salesforce GenieはAmazon SagemakerとEinsteinにデータ共有をもたらします

【海外ITニュース速報】Salesforce GenieはAmazon SagemakerとEinsteinにデータ共有をもたらします

Salesforce Genie brings data sharing to Amazon SageMaker and Einstein

Salesforce GenieはAmazon SagemakerとEinsteinにデータ共有をもたらします


Salesforce and AWS are extending their partnership this year, with an announcement at Dreamforce in San Francisco. The move involves moving Salesforce data to SageMaker where customers can build machine learning models based on that data. Once done, customers can move it back to Einstein where the model can be used to drive intelligent tasks. The partnership, announced by Rahul Auradkar, is made possible by Genie, the data integration layer the company has announced.


SalesforceとAWSは今年、サンフランシスコのDreamforceで発表されたパートナーシップを拡大しています。この動きには、SalesforceデータをSagemakerに移動し、顧客がそのデータに基づいて機械学習モデルを構築できます。完了すると、顧客はモデルを使用してインテリジェントなタスクを駆動できるアインシュタインに戻すことができます。Rahul Auradkarによって発表されたパートナーシップは、Genieによって可能になりました。これは、会社が発表したデータ統合レイヤーです。


Salesforce is the most successful SaaS company in the world. AWS is the biggest infrastructure player, and the two giants have gotten together over the years whenever it makes sense. As a couple of examples, the two signed an agreement in 2016 for Salesforce to use AWS infrastructure. In 2018, they got together to make it easier to exchange data between the two platforms.


This year, they are extending the partnership yet again with an announcement this week at Dreamforce in San Francisco. This one involves moving Salesforce data to SageMaker where customers can build machine learning models based on that data. When they’re done, they can move it back to Salesforce where Einstein can use that model to drive intelligent tasks.


The whole process is made possible by Genie, the data integration layer the company announced yesterday.


Rahul Auradkar, EVP and GM for unified data services and Einstein at Salesforce, says certain customers have built workflows in SageMaker and they wanted to make it easy for them to work where they are most comfortable, while taking advantage of the data inside Salesforce to build their models.

統合データサービスのEVPおよびGM、SalesforceのEinsteinのRahul Auradkarは、特定の顧客がSagemakerでワークフローを構築し、Salesforce内のデータを利用しながら最も快適な場所で簡単に動作できるようにしたいと言いました。彼らのモデル。

He says that it starts with moving the data from the Salesforce CDP into SageMaker using Genie as the data conduit. “From there you build the model and then we meet the data scientists where they are, essentially enabling data scientists to use their familiar tools on SageMaker to build their models. Then, they can bring the models into Einstein and run the inferencing there,” he said.

彼は、データをデータコンジットとしてGenieを使用してSalesforce CDPからSagemakerにデータを移動することから始まると言います。「そこからモデルを構築してから、データサイエンティストがいる場所に出会い、基本的にデータサイエンティストがセイジメーカーでおなじみのツールを使用してモデルを構築できるようにします。その後、彼らはモデルをアインシュタインに持ち込み、そこで推測を実行することができます」と彼は言いました。

Liz Miller, an analyst at Constellation Research, says the partnership benefits Salesforce customers in a couple of ways. “For those who have data and analytics teams and have been working on AI and models, this makes it easy to bring those models to Genie and open up those models to the mass of data Genie can hold. This has been a request from customers, especially large enterprise customers, from what Salesforce execs have told me,” she said.

Constellation ResearchのアナリストであるLiz Miller氏は、パートナーシップはいくつかの方法でSalesforceの顧客に利益をもたらすと述べています。「データおよび分析チームを持っていて、AIとモデルに取り組んでいる人にとって、これにより、これらのモデルを容易にし、それらのモデルを大量のデータに開放することができます。これは、Salesforceの幹部が私に言ったことから、顧客、特に大企業の顧客からの要求でした」と彼女は言いました。

She adds, “For many customers, and we hear this often, models and especially AI models and projects can stall because they can only be let loose on limited data sets or not enough customer data to reach a satisfying level of decision velocity. So this partnership connects the models to the last mile of learning.”


It could also simply involve comfort with SageMaker as a customer’s model building tool of choice, or it could possibly be because the model uses both customer data and other external data. As an example, a healthcare company may use customer data in conjunction with clinical trial data stored in an external repository outside of Salesforce and they want to build the model using both types of data inside SageMaker.


“The SageMaker integration enables these organizations to use custom AI models that leverage real-time customer data from Salesforce and clinical trial research together,” a company spokesperson explained.


While Einstein comes with many intelligent processes such as finding the most likely customer to buy, or conversely, the most likely to churn, there are often going to be customized scenarios that won’t be available out of the box, and being able to move various types of data into a model in SageMaker and then back into Salesforce, could prove useful for a number of customers.


The Genie announcement this week will likely lead to similar partnerships over time beyond this one, as other companies look to take advantage of Salesforce data in their workflows.


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Salesforce Genie brings data sharing to Amazon SageMaker and Einstein